Jean-Marc Goossens is a business attorney specializing for more than 25 years in international mediation and international investments.

Attorney Jean-Marc Goossens is a member of the Bar of Brussels, the capital of Europe. His international clients are mainly from Europe and Asia. Mr. Goossens has offices in Brussels and Beijing, but he can also travel to meet clients in their home countries.



Attorney Jean-Marc Goossens is a renowned international mediator using his extensive cross-cultural experience (Europe / USA / Asia). Cultural miscommunication can compound and exacerbate the disagreements faced in an international commercial context.

Having traveled, worked and lived in various cultures around the world, Mr Goossens is able to successfully and sensitively guide discussions between parties with different cultural backgrounds. His goal is to facilitate the structuring of a resolution so that it will be understood within the framework of the cultures of the parties.
As an international lawyer with years of experience, he can understand the legal issues involved in these types of negotiations. Attorney Goossens helps the parties think “outside of the box” for possible solutions, broadening the range of possible solutions.

Mediation is a negotiation facilitated by a trusted neutral person.The role of the mediator is to help those involved sort out their issues and arrive at a consensus. That might involve finalizing an agreement, resolving a dispute, developing effective communications, building or improving relationships. It is a confidential process where what was discussed or agreed in private is not disclosed to others without everyone’s agreement.

The benefits of mediation include:

While a mediator may charge a fee comparable to that of an attorney, the mediation process generally takes much less time than moving a case through standard legal channels. Taking less time means expending less money on hourly fees and costs.

While court hearings are public, mediation remains strictly confidential. No one but the parties to the dispute and the mediator or mediators know what happened.

Mediation increases the control the parties have over the resolution. In a court case, the parties obtain a resolution, but control resides with the judge or jury. Mediation is more likely to produce a result that is mutually agreeable for the parties.

Because the result is attained by the parties working together and is mutually agreeable, compliance with the mediated agreement is usually high. This further reduces costs, because the parties do not have to employ an attorney to force compliance with the agreement. The mediated agreement is, however, fully enforceable in a court of law.


International lawyer, real estate investment expert and Papuan tribe member

Source: The League of Extraordinary Travellers

Jean-Marc seems to be brought up to be a lawyer unlike any other. He kickstarted his professional career in the early nineties as the legal sidekick of French Formula 1 driver Bertrand Gachot, lived in a tribe in Papua New Guinea for three months, opened an of ce in Beijing and ended up with an intriguing international track record. Today, his ambition is no less.
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  • As a first step,
    Mr. Goossens prepares an international financial, legal, and tax plan that is customized based on each client’s specific situation.
  • In a second step,
    Mr. Goossens refers the client to local specialists (specialized local attorneys, real estate agents, accountants, bankers) in order to implement the project.
  • In a third step,
    Mr. Goossens oversees the project’s implementation and continues to work closely with the clients as their preferential contact.


You want to buy real properties or invest in, immigrate to, or do business with the US?

Private individuals

  • Real estate purchases (condominiums / houses / businesses)
  • Immigration (all types of visas and associated investments)
  • Real estate investments (setup and management of investment funds, real estate investment companies, and investor pools)
  • International taxation and avoidance of double taxation


  • Creation of all types of companies, drafting of operating agreements and bylaws, management.
  • Acquisition, merger, establishment of subsidiaries, resale of companies
  • Real estate investments (setup and management of investment funds, real estate investment companies, and investor pools)
  • Avoidance and resolution of shareholder disputes
  • Lobbying

  • International taxation and avoidance of double taxation


You want to buy real properties or invest in, immigrate to, or do business with Thailand?

Private individuals

  • Real estate purchases (how to buy safely)
  • Immigration (all types of visas)
  • International taxation and avoidance of double taxation


  • Creation of all types of companies
  • Acquisition, merger, establishment of subsidiaries, resale of companies
  • International taxation and avoidance of double taxation


Totally independent and being bound to no financial institution, the advice of Mr Goossens is the result of an analysis of all economic, financial, political and legal factors and takes into account all products on all markets worldwide.


Being a member of the Bar of Brussels, Mr Goossens is bound by professional secrecy, which is not the case with traditional financial advisors. Therefore all information shared will be handled as strictly confidential.

The client is free to follow or to turn down the advice and remains in control of his own assets at all times. Mr Goossens will never execute any financial transaction on behalf of his clients. The advice given and the compiled profile of every client are kept secret and the client can have it updated at any given time.

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The crisis clearly showed the need for a new type of legal and financial advisor disposing of much wider skills.

We have to learn from the crisis:

It could be the end of the capitalism, as we know it based on fast profits, on investments realized using borrowed money and on the excessive growth of credits. The entire system should be put back in service of the real economy. Financial institutions ignored or hid their difficulties and continued to sell their doubtful products without respecting their commitments.
A great deal of people lost confidence in the system. They don’t know what to invest in anymore and who to turn to for proper advice. We live in exceptional times as an immense amount of means are being employed locally, nationally and supranationally to clean up and to boost the financial and economic world.

Therefore today a professional financial advisor should dispose of the following skills :

  • Traditional financial, fiscal and economic skillfulness;
  • Total independence, especially with respect to financial institutions;

  • Political skillfulness and lobbying capacities at an international level;
  • Profound knowledge of legislation.

Thanks to all the expertise gained throughout his outstanding career, Mr Jean-Marc Goossens combines these diverse qualifications.


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Being a member of the Bar of Brussels, Mr Goossens is bound by strict rules with respect to legal expenses and the payment of his fees.

The height of the fee is determined by several factors such as the proficiency and experience of Mr Goossens, the amount of money involved, the financial situation of the client and the exclusivity of the information given to the client.

If you send the filled out form to Mr. Goossens by e-mail, you will receive a request for payment. As Mr Goossens is bound by strict rules, the client is guaranteed to receive the best possible services for the fee charged.


The consultations are charged by the hour or by flat fees possibly increased with additional costs such as travel and secretarial expenses. Mr Goossens is willing to travel outside Belgium for a consultation, even outside Europe if necessary.

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The client fills out a detailed electronic questionnaire in order to establish his personal civil, professional, financial, legal and fiscal situation as well as his objectives and his investor profile. Subsequently, the client will receive an e-mail containing the personal advice of Mr Goossens. This subject matter is perfectly suitable for this type of approach and has as major advantage that it is very quick and reduces costs.

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The range of services that Mr Goossens offers is very complete.

All along, Lawyer Goossens has been studying the market in Miami since the crisis of 2008. This way, he has built up an exceptional network of professional contacts.

If desired, Lawyer Goossens can send you precise and detailed advice on this subject, both treating the legal system as well as the different steps to follow.

If you want a more extensive service, Mr Goossens is willing to receive you in his office or meet you at your home in order to plan a trip to Miami together. This trip includes the necessary appointments with local estate agents, lawyers, bankers, accountants and other specialists whom he selected personally.

Mr Goossens can either just represent you or, if desired, accompany and assist you during your trip. Lawyer Goossens offers an “à la carte” service and can therefore guarantee that your investment will be dealt with in the safest possible way and in all discretion.

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Detailed Advice

Meeting in person


“À la carte” service

Safe and discrete