“Economics is too important just to be left up to the economists.”


Jean-Marc Goossens was born in Brussels in 1963.

His father, Albert Borschette, considered as one of the founding fathers of the European Union, Ambassador of Luxembourg in Belgium, ended his career as European Competition Commissioner.

Mr Goossens studied at the ‘European School of Brussels’ where he learnt to speak German, Dutch and English.

After graduating as a ‘Master of Laws’ at the ‘Université Libre de Bruxelles’ and at the ‘Université Catholique de Louvain-La-Neuve’, Mr Goossens became a member of the Bar of Brussels in 1988 and has been ever since.

He started his career as trainee and co-worker of attorney Armand de Decker, Honorary President of the Belgian Senate and Minister of State.

From the very beginning of his career as a barrister, Mr Goossens pleaded in lawsuits which are among the most famous of the present-day history of Belgium, such as the case Binet regarding international espionage or the case of the terrorists of the Cellules Communistes Combattantes.

Mr Goossens also was the legal and financial adviser of famous sportsmen from the world of golf, tennis and Formula 1, whom he accompanied all over the world.

Later on Mr Goossens put his experience as a financial and legal expert to use for the benefit of Non-Governmental Organizations for Nature Conservation for which he worked voluntarily in Southeast Asia for several years. He lived in a tribe in Papua New Guinea for three months.

As creator of the international fiscal and legal newsletter “Business & Fisc”, Mr Goossens published numerous articles and studies on international financial and fiscal subjects in the first ever Belgian financial newspaper in French, “l’ Echo de la Bourse”. Numerous articles and studies by Mr Jean-Marc Goossens are authorative on the subject. The business lawyer is frequently quoted in both the Belgian and the international press.

Mr Goossens has gained quite some exceptional experience in the course of his career and has managed to build up a network of international contacts as well in the political, the legal, the economic and the financial world.

It is thanks to the combination of those fields of competence that attorney Goossens can provide his clients with the most complete, most reliable and most independent legal and financial advice possible.

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“It was a pleasure of working with Attorney Goossens for the past 8 years. During this time, we worked together on multiple projects. He has a very impressive background, is proactive and is internationally very well connected.”

Geoffrey Mahieu, Mental Coach and International Investor


By Attorney Jean-Marc Goossens

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Jean-Marc Goossens is the legal and tax adviser of Mayflower Opportunities LLC, a US Real Estate Investment company with offices in Miami and Beijing that purchases either undervalued or mismanaged properties in the US.

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