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Jean-Marc Goossens gives advice regarding investments.

You can turn to him for advice on specific types of investments:
investments with banks or on the stock-exchange, bonds, real estate, etc.

He can also help you to decide when is the best moment to buy, sell or keep a specific product: shares, bonds, state bonds, Beveks (a specific type of unit trusts), real estate, etc.

Totally independent and being bound to no financial institution, the advice of Mr Goossens is the result of an analysis of all economic, financial, political and legal factors and takes into account all products on all markets worldwide.

Being a member of the Bar of Brussels, Mr Goossens is bound by professional secrecy, which is not the case with traditional financial advisors.

All information shared will be handled as strictly confidential.

The client is free to follow or to turn down the advice and remains in control of his own assets at all times.

Mr Goossens will never execute any financial transaction on behalf of his clients.

The advice given and the compiled profile of every client are kept secret and the client can have it updated at any given time.

Mr. Goossens provides two types of services:

- The consultations charged by the hour, possibly increased with additional costs such as travel and secretarial expenses. Mr Goossens is willing to travel outside Belgium for a consultation, even outside Europe if necessary.

- The online consultations : The client fills out a detailed electronic questionnaire in order to establish his personal civil, professional, financial, legal and fiscal situation as well as his objectives and his investor profile.
Subsequently, the client will receive an e-mail containing the personal advice of Mr Goossens.
This subject matter is perfectly suitable for this type of approach and has as major advantage that it is very quick and reduces costs.

As a lawyer registered at the Bar of Brussels, Mr Goossens is bound by strict rules with respect to legal expenses and the payment of his fees.

Therefore the client is guaranteed to receive the best possible service for the fee charged.

Jean-Marc Goossens Attorney at law at the bar of Brussels
Website: Projectweb