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Mr Jean-Marc Goossens is considered one of the leading European specialists in American real estate law. He is consulted by both private persons and institutions, more in particular by investment funds. As a lawyer, Goossens has an international clientele. In 2013, he opened an office in Beijing:

电话 : 0108682564400
Daoxiangyuan Xili 8, Wanliu East road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
+86 10 8682564400

Services in real estate investments in the US: 

1) Legal, tax and estate planning.

2) Advice, monitoring and assistance for all acts and formalities of the purchasing process from a legal point of view as well as from the perspective of a real estate opportunity. Mr Goossens is part of the purchasing committee of investment funds.

3) Assistance throughout the duration of the possession of the property (rent, accounting, taxes,etc).

4) Advice, monitoring and assistance for all acts and formalities of the resale process.

5) Advice, monitoring and assistance with regard to immigration.

6) Advice, monitoring and assistance with regard to loans.

7) Assistance of successors in case of death.

Numerous articles and studies by Mr Jean-Marc Goossens are authorative on the subject. The business lawyer is frequently quoted in both the Belgian and the international press. Click here (link)


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Jean-Marc Goossens is the legal and tax adviser of Mayflower Opportunities LLC, a US Real Estate Investment company with offices in Miami, Los Angeles and Beijing that purchases either undervalued or mismanaged properties in the US.


The crisis clearly showed the need for a new type of financial advisor disposing of much wider skills.

We have to learn from the crisis:

It could be the end of the capitalism as we know it based on fast profits, on investments realized using borrowed money and on the excessive growth of credits.

The entire system should be put back in service of the real economy.

Financial institutions ignored or hid their difficulties and continued to sell their doubtful products without respecting their commitments.

A great deal of people lost confidence in the system. They don’t know what to invest in anymore and who to turn to for proper advice.

We live in exceptional times as an immense amount of means are being employed locally, nationally and supranationally to clean up and to boost the financial and economic world.

Therefore today a professional financial advisor should dispose of the following skills:

  1. Traditional financial, fiscal and economic skilfulness,
  2. Total independence, especially with respect to financial institutions,
  3. Political skilfulness and lobbying capacities at an international level,
  4. Profound knowledge of legislation.

Thanks to all the expertise gained throughout his outstanding career, Mr Jean-Marc Goossens combines these diverse qualifications.

An example of the offered services:


After an analysis of your personal situation, Lawyer Goossens can advise you for example to invest in real estate in Miami, in the United States.

We can’t deny the fact that the exceptional combination of the crisis in the real estate sector and the weak position of the dollar results in plenty of interesting real investment opportunities.

All along, Lawyer Goossens has been studying the situation on site. This way, he has built up an exceptional network of professional contacts.

The range of services that Mr Goossens offers is very complete.

If desired, Lawyer Goossens can send you precise and detailed advice on this subject, both treating the legal system as well as the different steps to follow.

If you want a more extensive service, Mr Goossens is willing to receive you in his cabinet or meet you at your home in order to plan a trip to Miami together. This trip includes the necessary appointments with local estate agents, lawyers, bankers, accountants and other specialists whom he selected personally.

Mr Goossens can either just represent you or, if desired, accompany and assist you during your trip. Lawyer Goossens offers an ’à la carte‘ service and can therefore guarantee that your investment will be dealt with in the safest possible way and in all discretion.

Jean-Marc Goossens Attorney at law at the bar of Brussels
Website: Projectweb